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Hosting accounts usually have a data transfer limit. This is the amount of data the hosting package can provide to the internet within the given time period (usually a month). This is similar to you home internet account, for example, where you pay so much for your connection with a fixed download limit. If you go over your monthly limit, depending on your provider, you may find your internet speed throttled to a crawl or be charged extra for every additional megabyte of data. If either of these outcomes happened to your website, it is not an ideal outcome. Your website could become slow to load or you could receive a larger bill to pay for the extra data transfer. Thankfully, you don’t need to worry. All Netregistry hosting accounts have unlimited data transfer, no throttling and no additional data fees.

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More and more websites now allow visitors to interact and manipulate information on the webpage. This may be by entering and registering their information, performing searches to be presented with a page of specific results, or entering comments into a blog or forum, to mention just three examples. These websites are called ‘dynamic’, and use database technology to store information in sections that can be reassembled into fresh webpages in answer to the visitor request. Classic examples of dynamic websites are blogs, eBay or any site that allows a user to sign in and create a profile. Also, any website that uses a content management system or shopping cart works in the same way. If you plan to include any of these features on your website, you will need to check for database technology on your hosting server. An example is Netregistry’s Business Hosting, providing the most commonly used database features for small business. The database is also bounded by storage limits, and it is worth knowing what these are before planning a complex website. If you don’t plan to use any dynamic features, you may only need basic ‘static’ hosting, such as Netregistry’s Economy Hosting package, saving you money. Of course, if at any time you decide to develop the features on your website, it is possible to upgrade your hosting plan to the correct configuration.

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