How to get cheap web hosting and Free Domain

What is web hosting? Here is a simple analogy for you. If your computer was a television, the domain name would be the channel button on your remote, the hosting provider would be the television station and the host server would be the video bank at the television station broadcasting the recorded programs you watch. Therefore, the server stores your website and ‘broadcasts’ it to any internet browser that enters the domain name. But servers can be configured to provide a number of different website types. To clearly understand how a particular hosting package can benefit you, the goals and needs of the website should be planned in advance.

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Got a domain name with no place to go? Confused by jargon-filled chatter about hosting and bandwidth? Just want to know enough to get your business online? Jonathan Crossfield takes the mystery out of web hosting. Without web hosting, your website can never reach the outside world. Hosting is the essential link between your website and the internet, but can often become a baffling and confusing annoyance. If you’re like me, being forced to read a list of technical specifications and jargon is a better cure for insomnia than a mallet to the skull. But sometimes, choosing the right hosting package can involve making important business decisions based on information it seems you need a year at night school to fully understand. Wouldn’t it be nice to understand what it was you were paying for? Wouldn’t you feel more confident knowing how each figure and each impenetrable word benefited your business? This guide may not answer all your questions, but should at least provide a window into the world of web hosting.

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When choosing a hosting company, there are certain ingredients that can make the difference between online success and an internet disaster. Do you want to be able to contact your hosting company at 10pm if your site and email develop problems? Do you know how secure and stable the provider’s hosting setup is? Do you want to deal with someone who speaks English instead of technical jargon? There are a number of small hosting businesses set up in garages and basements or with limited staff resources. They may be cheaper, but the smaller the company, the fewer resources they have available to provide adequate customer support or servicing .

you need it. It is not unknown for websites to go down only to discover that the person responsible for fixing the server is on holiday or otherwise unavailable. Every time your website is down, your business loses money, so compromises on hosting prices can cost you in other ways. The most reliable hosting companies provide dedicated customer support and technical services, capable of dealing with your issues day and night. If your website goes offline, you don’t want to wait a couple of days before discovering the problem – you want to be sure your provider will identify and correct the issue before you even know about it. Also, although it is possible to host your website anywhere in the world, choosing a local hosting company can have greater advantages. Dealing with a hosting company in the United States can be frustrating. Long distance calls are expensive and email support can often be slow and unhelpful outside of US business hours. If your website is suffering costly delays during Australian business hours, you don’t want to wait for New York to wake up before it can be fixed. A reputable hosting provider should have enough back-up safeguards to ensure your website never goes down (well, at least 99.99% of the time). The last thing you want is the server with your website on it floating through a flooded building with no appropriate back-up stored high-and-dry elsewhere. The same goes for the connections to the web. If the local road works chop through a Telstra cable, wouldn’t you feel better knowing your server was also linked to the net through at least one or two other connections, providing uninterrupted service? Make sure you know how your provider can guarantee your online store will remain open for business 24×7. Netregistry houses servers in the largest data centre in the southern hemisphere, Global Switch in Pyrmont, as well as the E3 data centre in Alexandria, providing reliable, secure, and above all, local.

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